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Home Grown Hearts is a gathering of articles we feel can have the biggest spiritual and practical impact in the lives of Christian families who home educate. If you have a suggestion for an article, please email with "CH Article Suggestion" in the subject line and it will be considered for inclusion here! is an extension ministry of

Archived Articles:

 Jumping Ship

     by Michael Pearl

 Capture Your Teen's Heart

     by Cindy Rushton

 The Youth Group Question

     by Karen Braun

 The Dumbest Thing You Ever Heard, Part 1

     by Mike Farris, Esq.

 The Dumbest Thing You Ever Heard, Part 2

     by Mike Farris, Esq.

 Avoiding Homeschooling Burnout

     by Israel Wayne

 Err on the Side of Mercy

     by Terri Camp

 Gearing Up for Another Homeschool Year

     by Cindy Rushton

 The Miracle Fish

     by Tracey Rollison

 Sunup to Sundown with a House Full of Children

     by Judith Kowles


     by Diana Waring

 The Amazing Grace of God

     by Debra Bell

 A Real Mom's Home School

     by Maggie Hogan

 Problems with Saxon Algebra?

     by Heather Idoni

 When the Truth Gets Blurred

     by Mary Woodis

 Humility: An Attitude Worth Seeking

     by Michael Farris, Esq.

 Model Behavior

     by Karen Matlock

 The Truth About the "S" Word

     by Nancy Casterline

 Leavening for the Whole Lump

     by Hope Ware

 Homeschool Burnout

     by Ellyn Davis

 A Victorious Life in the Midst of the Storm

     by Terri Camp

 Not Again.  How on Earth do I Answer THIS One?!

     by Gena Suarez

 What is that Fragrance?

     by Debi Pearl

 The Christian Compass

     by Jenefer Igarashi

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